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 Chinese Journal of Information on Traditional Chinese Medicine is an authoritative national information monthly, sponsored by the State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine and published by the National TCM Information and Library Coordination Committee and the Institute of Information on TCM of the China Academy of Traditional Chinese Medicine. In the vanguard of the development of medical sciences and depending on its comprehensive information network and its extensive contacts in China and abroad, the Journal contains timely analyses and reports on new policies, trends, progresses, achievements, inventions, technologies, therapies, as well as new thoughts, and market opportunities in the field of traditional Chinese medicine. As a practical periodical, the Journal covers a great variety of fields and has a close integration of various sectors such as clinical work, research, administration and management, production, sales and marketing, and teaching. It therefore serves as an important bridge for professionals to get information, seek opportunities, find cooperation and gain professional successes in the fast-changing situations.

 Main columns of the Journal are: Special Topic Forum, Policies and Laws and Regulations, Reform and Management, Research and Prospects, Scientific Research Trends, Academic Trends, Educational Trends, TCM Research and Development, Selected Clinical Reports, Current Refractory Diseases, Non-Drug Therapies, Achievements and Patents, Ethnic Medicine, Medical Stars, Domestic Market, TCM Abroad, International Market, Window on Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macao, and Classified TCM Information in China.

 The Journal is a monthly, published on the 25th of each month. New edition in 1998 with 64 pages and 16-mo. Exquisitely printed. Price: RMB 6 yuan per issue (RMB 72 yuan/12 issues/year). Domestic Postal Distribution Code: 82-670, subscriptions at all post offices in China. Agent for distribution out of China: China International Publications Trading Corporation, its code: 4564.

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