State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine
(by Chinese)

The State Administration of Traditional Chinese Medicine (SATCM) is a state bureau under the Ministry of Public Health.

Its main task is:

to be responsible for administrating Traditional Chinese Medicine and Pharmacology(TCMP), to inherit and develop the science of TCMP, promoting the development of TCMP undertaking.

Its main duties are:

formulating the guidelines, policies, laws, and regulations of TCMP, working out department rules and regulations and supervising their implement; formulating and organizing to implement the developing strategies of TCMP, drawing up intermediate and long-term developing projects and annual programs ;supervising appropriation of special funds and loans, and emergency allocation of TCMP resources in cases of disasters, pestilence and for military requirements; guiding the therapy, nursing, rehabilitation and health care of traditional Chinese medicine, integration of traditional Chinese medicine and Western medicine and nationality medicine; supervising the production and trade of the Chinese medicines; organizing personnel training, scientific research, technology development and protection of intellectual property rights; developing international scientific exchange and cooperation; and making plans on export and import of Chinese medicines.

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